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A bespoke Reception Desk in Black Marble in London

talking about marble as construction material

Part of a major job, as subcontractors our task was to supply and install the marble selected for these two desks in a reception of mixed use building in central London.
As employed, in my role of Designer and Manager, my task was to produce precise and detailed drawings and the cut schedule to be used by the supplier to produce “on measure” pieces to be delivered on site and installed by our team.
As well, explain to the construction site team through the overall drawings how the various pieces had to be assembled on the built structure, take care of deliveries, lifting, handling, storage, installation, checks, overall making sure the job was carried out properly and completed successfully and in time.

Extract design / production drawings marble reception desk in London: extracts from production drawings (details and measures not visible because reserved)

image 01: Extract design / production drawings marble reception desk in London (details and measures are not visible because reserved)

About Marble as construction material shortly, it is a beautiful, natural with infinite variations of colours and veins, used from ancient times.
It is a specialized work, the Marble itself is normally, depending on types, expensive.
A mistake in a detail of a drawing or in the cut schedule can cost a lot of money, they are natural materials, no one slab is the same, so you cannot change it like a piece of industrial furniture.
Also the material itself is quite fragile, as a rigid material it doesn't accept flection that means that if you flex it (production, transport, handling, storage, installation, use) the marble can be broken with all consequential problems involved about costs and time.

Construction marble reception desk in London: images of the surface preparation and installation of the marble slabs on the reception desk

image 02: Construction marble reception desk in London: images of the surface preparation and installation of the marble slabs on the reception desk

The transport and handling of the slabs of marble is not easy and has to be done properly by competent workforce trained and with appropriate equipment when necessary.
The marble is a heavy material, with an average weight of 2700 Kg/Mc and commercial slabs of thickness of 20-30 mm, a meter square of 30mm of marble can weigh 81Kg, one meter and half 121 kg and so on.
The Marble is very delicate, the polished surface normally done on the slabs by the suppliers with proper industrial polisher can be scratched easily depending on the type of marble.
From a point of view of Health and Safety, on the already mentioned danger of the weight and the risk of be crushed by a slab or damage parts of the body as fingers/ foots, there is also the danger of its dust produced by its cut, it is harmful for humans been and if breathed can cause illnesses in the long term.
All these aspects and others have to be taken into consideration when we think about Marble in our projects, starting our planning from design, one of the first rules of Health and Safety.

Construction completion marble reception desk in London: images of the reception desk as built

image 03: Construction completion marble reception desk in London

Back on our marble reception desk, in this case the slabs are not too big with thickness 20 mm, so with no particular dangers about the weight of the slabs.
The on site team installed the pieces properly and the final result is fantastic, the architects did a great job, this large space with the height ceiling illuminated creates a strong visual impact of black marble desk in contrast with the Terrazzo black and white floor and wall looks quite impressive.
The Marble as ancient and precious construction material is used particularly in important locations and frequently to show luxury, reminding us of the ancient churches or the old palaces.  Sometimes overused with the result of having a heavy effect and at the end vulgar, in a few words too much.

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