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Historic Building – flats refurbishment project:

A company bought at an auction the last two flats at the third and fourth floor of this historic building in small town in Tuscany Italy, all under conservation area.
The task was to transform the two flats in three independent flats, limiting the intervention to the interior, get the planning application approved and then proceed with the refurbishment.

Historic Building Survey flats refurbishment project

picture 01: Some pictures of the building and interior of the flats as existing

My approach to an historic building is to respect the existing structure as much as possible aimed to safeguard and valorize it, because historic buildings are a value themselves.
Make it functional to the contemporary use, add modern elements clearly visible and recognizable as such.

Measured Building Survey - flats refurbishment project

picture 02: Vertical sections of the third and fourth floor as existing

The flat was in decent condition at the third floor, instead the fourth floor was in bad condition, all systems to be updated, windows to be changed, roof and last floor to be restaured.
It is started from surveys, measurements, drawings of plans and main sections to see how the space works. The 3rd floor was with a ceiling quite high about 3.50 meters, instead the loft floor with the pitched roof had a lower height, minimum and maximum.

Design flats refurbishment project

picture 03: The new distribution of the flats and a visualization of the flat 01 as per project of refurbishment

The main idea in the concept design has been to divide vertically the distribution to have two flats with kitchens, living rooms and a toilet at the 3rd floor and with the bedrooms and main bathrooms at the 4th floor.
A third smaller flat at the 3rd floor only because the internal height was not enough to split it in two floors and too expensive to make a mezzanine.

Design and Selection products flats refurbishment project

picture 04: Design and Selection products for the flats refurbishment project

The 3D visualization shows the Flat 1, living room and kitchen with access to an anteroom and then to a toilet, internal staircase from the living room to accede to the bedroom and bathroom at the 4th floor.
The landing of the internal staircase is glazed to allow the natural light from an existing window above to bring more light to the living room at the 3rd floor.
Once the project was approved, the company sold the flats without proceeding with the refurbishment.

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