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A bespoke folded sheet steel staircase

The Client was looking for a solution for a bespoke internal staircase in shape steel to connect the living room to a new mezzanine.
The structural connection would have been mainly to the ground floor slab and to the landing of the mezzanine because the wall did not have a proper structural capacity to be able to bear entirely the weight of the staircase and its use.

Selection of folded steel staircases: steel staircases images with different colours and some details

image 01: Selection of folded steel staircases

With the support of a structural designer we proposed mainly two solutions:
A 4 mm thick folded sheet metal staircase connected to the ground floor slab and to the landing, vertical steel bars on the open side and fixing points on the side of the wall to stiffen the structure then covered by a lining.
To have a lighter and clean effect, the second option has been to remove the vertical steel profiles on the open side, increase the section of the folded sheet steel at 8mm, support the stair by a flat profile along the wall and with main connections to the floor and to the landing.

Design folded steel staircase: some schematic study drawings of the folded sheet metal staircase

image 02: Design folded steel staircase

Different solutions and details were proposed, in particular the visual effect of the first treads and to arrive at the final version in which the Client requirements were satisfied with a mediation between practical and realistic solutions and budget.
Surveys, measurements, executive drawings and then the production of the staircase, the enamelling and its assembly on site with a final effect of modernity and lightness as shown in the image.

Survey and Completion folded steel staircase:images of the suvey, some construction drawings, the final view of the folded sheet metal staircase

image 03: Survey and Completion folded steel staircase

Staircases are a fascinating world, the greater architects and engineers have left a sign with their solutions, at the same time we can see really ugly or non-functional stairs.
Staircases can of different shapes as linear, angular, circular, elliptic, spiral, different structural materials that can used as timber, steel, reinforced concrete, stone and marble, even glass, the wide variety of materials and colours that can be used to cover the bearing structure (if you prefer) avoiding carpets if possible because a slippery surface of the treads can be solved in many other ways.
This wide range of structural and finishing choices allow to create an architectural element that is among the most important to make a house unique and at the same time increase its value.

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