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A bathroom refurbishment in South London:

The existing bathroom had some functional problems, toilet too close to the wall on the left (10 cm), basin too big and too close to the bathtub (36cm), bathtub between walls with problems of pipes maintenance, carpet on the floor that is not hygienic at all in a bathroom.

Survey bathroom renovation South London: bathroom before refurbishment, photos and measurements

image 01: Bathroom Survey phase, bathroom before refurbishment, photos, measurements, checks.

I studied different solutions, then with the Client we chosen a solution in which is changed the position of the door moving a partition to have a little more space and this allowed to re-think the distribution. The bathroom works better and from the aesthetic point of view is completely different.
Polished porcelain tiles 600x300 mm, light grey gloss finish on the wall and porcelain tiles with veins matt finish for the floor, note that in the bunch of the tiles there were some with a large grey vein, I had to select them to match the vein otherwise the texture of the floor would have been confusing.
All the setting out of the tiles is to have alignments of the joints between walls and floor and other important lines like the axe of the tap of the basin and the centre of the toilet.

Design and Selection bathroom renovation South London: images of construction drawings, 3D visualization, photos of some products selected: vanity unit, basin, towel warmer, tiles, bathtub and basin taps

image 02: Bathroom Design phase: Construction drawings, 3D visualization, photos of some products selected: vanity unit, basin, towel warmer, tiles, bathtub and basin taps.

I selected a suspended toilet on a frame with cistern, the toilet, if possible should be always suspended from the floor (hang to wall) because it is more hygienic, cleanable and nicer.
Bathtub 1600x700mm to be on measure of the available space, vanity unit with basin 800x450mm sit on a plinth and legs for safety, mirror 800x600mm aligned with the basin and the tiles, taps that works also at low pressure. Chrome towel warmer 600x600mm selected to be well proportioned to the space available.
All the walls and floor is treated with a waterproofing before tiled, as you know frequently the walls of partition are a simple stud partition closed by a plasterboard, humidity in the bathroom or infiltration of water can damage the panel and get worse in the time.

Construction bathroom renovation South London: images of the bathroom during the works

image 03: Bathroom construction phase: images of the bathroom during the works.

The new door on measure and bigger than the previous is painted dark grey to match the other existing doors in the flat.
We built a new cabinet that contain the frame and cistern and the lower cabinet next the basin that contain the pipes.
To cover the new cabinet we reused an existing marble shelf, it was still nice, we cut it at the right length and reused instead of using a new but with a worse material.
From the point of view of the electricals, we moved out from the bathroom the switch of the light that was still with the wire from the ceiling! and as well the switch of the towel warmer as per regulation.
Particular care about future maintenance, a series of removable panels and shelves to allow a simple and easy maintenance of the pipes: marble shelf on the toilet cabinet, two tiled opening on the left and on the right of the toilet (aligned with the tiles joints of course) , bath panel, lower shelf under the towel warmer.

Construction completion bathroom renovation South London

image 04: Bathroom completion: images of the bathroom after completion.

The client has received also a file with information about maintenance, photos and descriptions of what there is behind panels, how access them, etc. always helpfully when after some time you have to work on it for maintenance.
All the materials resulting from the demolition were delivered to a local recycling center.
The selection is based on average products with average / low prices, in some cases I was able to get products in promotion getting a better quality for a lower price and with design, planning and care this is the result.

Big or small we apply the same care to all projects, the approach and methodoly are the same to ansure its succesful construction completion in Quality, in Time and in Budget:
Survey > Design > Selection > Quotation > Approval > Contract > Planning > Management > Construction > Checks > Completion > Validation > Handover.
Follow more photos about the contruction process of this bathroom renovation in London.

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