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ABS Design and Build London: terracotta cladding, internal terrazzo stair, project bar

ABS Design and Build London - Works:

Some examples of works carried out by ABS Design and Build, some of them shown shortly the process of refurbishment or renovation from design to refurbishment completion, other are extracts of specific tasks in the refurbishment process.
You will see a variety different projects, this thank to the long experience of work and study in Design, Architecture and Construction that allow ABS to deal with different tasks and projects with confidence.

We like Design and we want Build it with Quality, in Time and in Budget.

(in progress)

A folded sheet steel staircase:

A folded sheet steel staircase

A Reception Desk in Black Marble in London:

A Reception Desk in Marble in London

A bathroom renovation South London:

A bathroom renovation South London

Historic Building – flats refurbishment project:

Historic Building – flats refurbishment project

An affordable kitchen renovation in South London:

Affordable kitchen renovation in South London