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The construction process of a refurbishment and its management can be complex, the development and delivery of a construction work from the initial feasibility to its completion consists in many phases overlapped and linked each other, it involves many aspects: financial, regulatory and statutory organizations, different professionals as: architects, specialist engineers, surveyors, contractors, etc.
A refurbishment involves surveys, designs, quotations, management of materials, products, plants and equipment, contractors, all this has to be properly planned and coordinated to successfully deliver the job.
Strong of the many years of experience in Design, Architecture and Construction, ABS can deal with all the aspects of the construction and refurbishment process from start to end to deliver the job Safely, in Quality,Time and Budget.

We like Design and we want to Build it with Quality, in Time and in Budget.

The goal of ABS is to take care of the entire process of construction and refurbishment for you, from start to construction completion.
From a Kitchen and Bathroom renovation to a complete refurbishments of flats and houses or commercial projects such as offices, bars, restaurants, etc for any kind of small and mid size projects in London.
Design and Build agreements all included: preliminaries, design, planning and management, products and materials, works.

Inception and Feasibility phase
Inception and Feasibility phase icon

Are you in the phase of Inception and Feasibility?

Would you like to buy a property, a house where you move to live or for investment, or you have already bought a house and you would like to make a refurbishment and maybe an extension to increase the space and its value.
Maybe you are starting a new company and you need to organize the work space, for you, for your collaborators or consumers.
You need to ensure that your project of refurbishment is feasible, develop a concept design from where to extract an approximate cost and depending on the type and entity of the project verify it with public authorities.
Based on the information you will give us and the budget available we can develop the project that will be functional and aesthetically pleasing and to be evaluated by you, develop a concept design and approximate costs that make you able to move forward in the construction process of the refurbishment of the house or flat or the commercial business.

Survey bathroom renovation South London

image 01: Inception and Feasibility phase: Surveys.

Pre Construction phase
Pre Construction phase icon

Are you in the Pre-Construction phase?

You have already clear what would do you like to do in the refurbishment of the house, it is already defined the concept design and the budget for the works, it is feasible, you need now to translate these to something more detailed as final project with technical drawings and related total costs, prepare the drawings and other documents required for the planning application.
A detailed project with drawings and quantities, allow both you and the contractors to adhere to the plan and avoid surprises that in constructions can be very expensive.
Based on the initial project and approximate costs, we can develop the final project with technical drawings and the bills of quantities to be distributed to contractors to get the best conditions or establish the budget on which we can do the work in an agreement of Design and Build.
The final project can be shown by 3D visualization, it will allow you to see what your project will look like as finished, at this stage it will be still possible to make changes if any, that greatly reduce the chances of "change of mind” or errors that in the Construction phase would be much more expensive.
At this point, we can start planning the works of the refurbishment, prepare a schedule of the different tasks using a Gantt chart, make arrangements with contractors and coordinate them or leave us to take care about all the process to construction completion.

Design and Selection bathroom renovation South London

image 02: Pre Construction phase: Design, Selection products and technology, Planning.

Construction phase
Construction phase icon

Are you in the Construction phase?

You are ready to start, are the works of the refurbishment properly planned? Are the health and safety risks taken in consideration?
Planning and organization are of fundamental importance to make sure the works proceed in a smooth way, before start and during the different stages of the construction works. The building site has to be kept always under control to foresee potential problems and mistakes.
Confusion and an approximated organization can cause delays, serious problems and increase of costs.
Now the works of the refurbishment of your house can start following the programme already prepared in the previous stage. We can coordinate the contractors, keep under control the process, carry out dimensional and quality checks to be signed off before the payment is made. Health and Safety standards checks, try to foresee potential problems and sort them before they impact on the process to make sure the works proceed as scheduled.

Construction bathroom renovation South London

image 03: Construction phase: Management refurbishment process, Construction, Checks.

Construction completion
Construction phase icon

Job done

We can offer a service of Project Management that takes charge of the full process of refurbishments of houses and flats from the inception and feasibility phase till its completion for small and mid size projects and you will be always in charge of the decision making and always kept informed of each step. We can deal with all the process of construction for you, on a Budget established that includes material, products and works, all included.

Construction completion bathroom renovation South London

image 04: Construction completion: Checks, Hand Over.

For your renovation, do not improvise, entrust yourself to a serious and honest professional, save money and do not get stressed. Leave the work to those who have been in the field for over 35 years.
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