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ABS Design and Build London: internal marble staircase, project office meeting room, project helicoidal stair

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ABS Design and Build offers a service “All Included” for Renovations and Refurbishments for private and commercial Clients.
Houses and flats refurbishments, interiors and exteriors, kitchens and bathrooms renovations, bar and restaurants refurbishments, shops and offices renovations.
Discover our “Standard Deals” all included.

- Antonio Bufano
- phone: 078 410 320 03
- email:

(note: is the only email used, any other email address associated with the domain is a scam and will be prosecuted (example support@ etc.).

- Studio: SE8 4LP Deptford, Lewisham, London

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- Address: SW9 7LQ Brixton, Lambeth, London

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