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Antonio Bufano, more than 35 years of studies and works in Design, Architecture and Construction.
According to my studies and experiences: Designer, Building Surveyor, Site Manager, Project Manager, Builder and Energy Consultant but this is an Italian qualification on which I am still working to use it in the UK.
With a long and continuous history of study and work in construction, my knowledge and experience is wide and varied, this allows me to be flexible, to anticipate, identify, solve problems before they may impact on the construction process to ensure its achievement Safely, in Quality, in Time and Budget.
With a small, professional and flexible team we can deal confidently with any small and mid sized refurbishment projects in London from Design to Management and Construction.
A short profile, my qualifications / education and some extracts of feedbacks I recently received about my work in Design, Management and Construction.

- Profile.
- Qualifications I Education I CPD.
- Feedbacks.


In short, after the diploma as Building Surveyor (1987), I started to work with surveyors, architects and engineers practices for about seven years mainly as building surveyor and draftsman in the construction industry at different levels and roles, from architectures, design, structural drawings, urbanistic, planning, etc. At the time we were still drawing by hand because there were not personal computers in the small practices then I lived the change and I passed to the Computer Aided Design. I have a couple of qualifications in CAD systems I did at the time, windows didn't exist, I was working in DOS (probably many people don't even know what I'm talking about). At the time I was also at the University of Architecture of Florence where I did some exams.

I worked for a couple of years for a commercial agency where I was promoting bathroom products from sanitaryware to furniture, also offering technical training on cad software and design services.

After this period I was employed for about four years for a company specialized in Irrigation Systems, fountains and swimming pools, I was designer of irrigation systems nationwide, from urban parks to residential gardens, you can think about the most important in the country. Manager of the allocation of the projects, quality and document controller under ISO 9000, procedures by me organized and kept successfully applied. Between the other activities surveys, trainer for a specific CAD software, customers trade assistance

Back in the construction industry, I worked as self-employed as a building surveyor for many private and commercial clients, from design of furnitures, gardens and irrigation systems, quantities and quotations, surveys, construction works.

In 2006 I joined as member the board of Surveyors (2006-2020) and in 2007 I got the qualification of Construction Site Management and Construction Site Technician in Restoration Buildings.
From 2007 to 2013 I was an independent building Surveyor working in construction planning,design, project and site management, accounting.
In this time I worked for a construction company as Assistant Construction Manager in the construction of two detached houses from foundation excavation to completion and then for a company specialized in terracotta cladding for about a couple of years, I was a design and surveyor, I was preparing drawings and production schedules and carrying out site surveys and inspections.

I kept working and studying, between the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) I done a training as Health and Safety Coordinator in Construction environment, then a course of Building Energy Analysis of new and built constructions to improve their quality about energy saving, required by the EU regulations and to produce the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
I was interested by this topic and I started to do many courses about to become a qualified Energy Consultant Klima Haus to design and build construction with low consume of energy, calculate the energy performance of new and existing buildings, retrofit them, solve thermal bridges, new technology as insulations or devices to produce clean energy, timber constructions in particular interested in Cross-laminated timber, study of natural light, etc.

Moved to London in 2013 I worked for a small construction and joinery company where I managed and supervised works on site as Assistant Site Manager according to directions, schedule and deadlines of high-profile and bespoken residential refurbishments projects. Measured building surveys, designed or modification of existing CAD drawings to reflect the works in progress. Prepared detailed accounts for high-profile materials and joinery and proposed planning solutions to be presented to the Clients.
Then I worked for a builder as Quantity Surveyor, defined and implemented database of construction work tasks, materials and prices finalized to the extraction of personalized quotations for a wide range of construction works from the setting of the site to the Client handover for residential houses refurbishments, extensions and loft conversions.

From 2016 to 2019 I was employed for a leading contractor of stone-works on high bespoken projects. I Started as Designer and Surveyor and I passed soon in a role of Project / Site Manager and I successfully managed from inception to completion on site high-profile, complex and tailored residential and commercial developments with contracts up to 2.5M of value for main contractors such as BAM Construction and Paragon part of Interserve.
For example the Buckingham Green high spec refurbishment project in central London of which I am particularly proud, in approximated data: 2.5 M value, 18 months on site, hundreds of documents, drawings and communications, 20 different types of high quality materials and finishes, 6 countries of origin, 2 main receptions, 10 lift lobbies, 10 commercial toilets, 100 flats toilets, 1 commercial staircase, 1 roof terrace.
The two entrances halls are probably the most important parts of the entire project as first approach to the building, a complex and unique work that is probably the biggest Calacatta marble book matched cladding in the UK.
I managed both the pre construction and construction phases, planning and coordination of the tasks with the main contractor managers, subcontractors and site team, organization of materials and plants, checks about quality and Health and Safety, keeping constant communication between all the parts involved in the day by day progress.
The entire job is concluded successfully in Time, Budget and without any accident.

In 2019 I enrolled in the CIOB Chartered Membership Programme (CMP) and successfully passed the exam in February 2020.

Strong and confident about my knowledge in Design, Architecture and Construction, in 2020 I started to offer to the Clients a complete service of Design and Build, and as I like also the manual works I do my part.
Established a Budget, I deliver the job done, I manage the refurbishment process in all its aspects, from materials, products, works and all the activities necessary to deliver the job Safely, in Quality, in Budget and Time.

We like Design and we want Build it with Quality, in Time and in Budget.

Qualifications I Education I CPD:

NARIC assessment with primary source verification:
(*1) BTEC level 4 / SQA Higher National Certificate (HNC)(SCQF level 7).
(*2) Diploma NVQ Level 3 / SVQ Level 3 / SQA Professional Development SCQF Levels 6 and 7.

Recent Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

2020, CIOB Academy, The retrofit challenge and how Passivhaus could help.
2020, CIOB Academy, The management of time from concept to completion.
2019, Trentino Technology District (Rovereto Italy), ARCA certification system for wooden constructions.
2019, Energy Agency Alto Adige (Bolzano Italy), Construction details as built.
2018, Ukasl, Asbestos Awareness Course.

Mother tongue Italian, fluent in English and I am studying Spanish because we are part of something bigger called World.

Antonio Bufano on Linkedin
Antonio Bufano on Linkedin: Linkedin icon


“.. The flat looks good, the new kitchen very smart and the bathroom a complete change and a worthwhile revision.
The work all looks good and very professionally carried out.”

George W.
(private client)

“.. During his employment Antonio worked in Design, Cad Drawing, Procurement, Site Supervision and Site Management for a number of high-profile, complex projects with values ranging from £120K to £2.5M. Antonio was a reliable, dedicated employee who completed his projects with precision and care.
Overall Antonio made a significant contribution to the success of W.B. Simpson & Sons’ projects and was a valued member of our team ..”

William V.
W.B. Simpson & Sons Ltd

“.. If Antonio ever came to see me to seek clarity on an unresolved area of detail, he would also come with suggestions on how to overcome them. So I was never faced with an unresolved issue. This proactive attitude is rare in construction these days.
Antonio was also always out on site surveying prior to design and would then ensure his site team were installing correctly. Nothing was left to chance. This proved invaluable at Cabot Square, as we have a very demanding client team.
On a personal level, I have enjoyed our time working together, Antonio was good company to have around, and I wish him every success for the future.
I can honestly say that if I ever have another complex project, I would want to seek Antonio out to manage the process for me. That is how highly I recommend him.. ”

Taylor H.
Senior Design Manager
Paragon part of Interserve

“.. Thank you for all your help on the project; - we wouldn’t have got to where we are with the design and management of the terrazzo tiling installation if it wasn’t for your assistance.
If you ever need a reference for your next project please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.
Good luck with your next project.. ”

Rafael V.
Senior Project Manager
Paragon part of Interserve

“.. I had got the pleasure in working alongside him during the process of the natural stone selection as well as its installation on site. Antonio diligently dug out the available and more suitable stone blocks to match the design intention and qualities requirements, scheduling visits for the design team and the client as well. On design basis, Antonio drew the required specialist contractor drawings for construction being validated by the design team. In the process he advised the best ways to make the most of the use of natural stone, also highlighting potential risk and issues. My understanding is that Antonio also managed the site teams being the person responsible of the quality of the execution as well as the rectification of any misalignment with the design intent and quality.
Finally, I would like to highlight the quality of the project considering the high end requirements and bespoke design.”

Jordi J.
BArch MArch ARB Architect
Fletcher Priest Architects

“Antonio was very diligent in his role, managing the complex design very astutely. The Architect had produced a very demanding design and Antonio managed their expectations well.
He managed operatives on site very well and had a good relationship with other trades, helping out with interfaces in a good fashion.
I would work with him again.”

Christian C. MCIOB
Senior Site Manager
BAM Construction Ltd

“You made the design development process run smoothly as you were proactive and always worked really hard to get drawings out to the highest quality and on time. Your drawings were thorough, very detail oriented and helped to highlight and resolve design issues.
With the stone selection, your patience and perseverance was valuable to achieve sign-off with a challenging design team.”

Harriet L.
Design Manager
BAM Construction Ltd

“Antonio is very structured towards his approach to his work. He is thorough, and ensures all parties are in agreement prior to works being undertaken; which does, however, border on over-cautious at times.
All in all, a good project that was well managed from start to finish.”

Ben C. MEng (Hons)
Site Manager
BAM Construction Ltd

“.. A Job Well Done. I know it wasn’t easy with all the different locations, materials and details. Your hard working in resolving both the major and minor details have paid off.
Both Receptions look great, with such large slabs both yourself and team has done a great job. The Large feature doors in the Apartments Lift Lobbies also look great, how they manage to match those panels and to hang then on opening hinges must have keep you up all night. As for the wash hand basin Vanities again, I must say they do look wonderful.
Now on behalf of myself and others I would like to say thanks and keep up the good work, hopefully we will be able to work again sometime in the near further.”

Leslie K.
NIRVAN (haymont) Projects Ltd