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Would you like to do the refurbishment of your house or flat?

Independent Building Surveyor consultancy offers services of Design, Management and Construction for any need or problem in your property, projects of internal refurbishments and full remodelling of house with energy saving improvements, extensions and conversions, from first ideas to completion or at any stage of the construction process. Help investors and buyers to find the right real estate to be converted and valorized. Available for privates and commercials projects for interiors and exteriors, houses and flats, bar and restaurants, shops and offices, for any type of small and medium-sized building in London and within the boundaries of the Greater London. Stone and Marble specialist.

Projects of refurbishments and construction services:

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The Construction process of a refurbishment of a house and its management can be complex, the development and delivery of a construction work from the initial feasibility to its completion consists in many phases overlapped and linked each other, it involves many aspects: financial, regulatory and statutory organizations, and different professionals as: architects, specialist engineers, surveyors, contractors, etc. Strong of the many years of experience in architecture and construction, ABS can support you in the process of refurbishment of a house and help to successfully achieve the objectives set out at the start. This may be for a particular stage, just for a specific problem or for the entire construction process.

Construction process


In the construction services page are described the different tasks we can cover in the construction process, from the initial idea to how remodelling the full house or in its refurbishment house till its completion. The intent is not only to outline the steps required and clarify the service provided, but also to explain that with appropriate planning you will be able to achieve great results and avoid additional costs and delays in the delivery of the project due to poor planning, unforeseen problems, and the inevitable costs that stem from the correction of mistakes.

Construction services


Some examples of works of different types of tasks, they are synthesized and shortly described with some notes of comments. I reported simple extracts of examples as part of the construction process during different phases and to be related to the services offered that will be then tailored on the specific project of refurbishment of a house, a flat or a commercial business as a bar or an office.

Construction Works


More then 35 years of works and studies in the construction environment, I drawn down architecture, furnitures, interiors, urbanistic, services, structural drawings, gardens, etc. mostly for other, sometime for myself. I moved forward to cover all the aspect of the construction. In this page you can find a synthesis of my professional qualifications in the Construction environment, a short description of my career and some extracts from feedbacks I recently received by professionals I worked with

Antonio Bufano Building Surveyor


If you are interested in a service of Design, Management and Construction, related to a refurbishment or remodelling of your property or if you have a problem in your building, please contact us, we can discus options to evaluate the best solution and how to proceed.


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